Zhermack Zeta 1 Ultra  * 1 L
  • Zhermack Zeta 1 Ultra  * 1 L
  • Zhermack Zeta 1 Ultra  * 1 L

Zhermack Zeta 1 Ultra * 1 L


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Aldehyde-free concentrated full spectrum for disinfection of surgical and rotating instruments


  • ZETA 1 ULTRA is an aldehyde-free concentrated full spectrum disinfection, developed and tested according to the latest harmonised European disinfection standards
  • ZETA 1 ULTRA is specially formulated for the high-level disinfection of surgical and rotary dental instruments, including the most delicate (scalpels, pliers, tweezers, burs, mirrors, probes, etc.).


  • 1% solution: add 10ml of ZETA 1 ULTRA to each litre of water at room temperature using the practical dispenser cap.
  • One litre of ZETA 1 ULTRA gives 100 litres of disinfectant solution.
    Immerse the instruments in the bath:
    • For 15 minutes to achieve the following activities: Bactericidal (EN13727), Fungicidal (EN13624 and EN14562, Candida albicans) Tubercolicidal (EN14348, EN14563) complete Micobactericidal (EN14348) complete Virucidal (EN14476, “clean” conditions).
    • For 60 minutes to achieve the following activities: Bactericidal (EN14561), complete Fungicidal (EN13624 and EN14562, including Aspergyllus niger), Micobactericidal (EN14563), complete Virucidal (EN14476, “dirty” conditions).
  • Ultra asound: 1% solution: the use of ultrasonic equipment at 30°C reduces contact time by 10 minutes.


  • Bactericidal: EN 13727, EN 14561 (S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, E. hirae)
  • Fungicidal: EN 13624, EN 14562 (C. albicans, A. niger)
  • Mycobactericidal, tubercolicidal: EN 14348, EN 14563 (M. terrae, M. avium)
  • Virucidal activity tested according to EN14476 (Adenovirus, Poliovirus, Enterovirus, Herpesviridae, HBV, HCV, HDV, HIV, H1N1, H5N1).

Active ingredients

100g of Zeta 1 Ultra contains:
  • 18g of 3-aminopropyl-dodecyl-1.3-propanediamine
  • 15g of alkyl-benzyl-dimethyl ammonium chloride


  • Once prepared, the solution remains stable for up to one week, but if used to disinfect a large number of instruments or instruments that are heavily contaminated with blood, saliva or organic tissue, the solution should
    be changed more frequently 
  • For particularly hard waters increase the dose of zeta 1 ultra until a clear solution is obtained. Any slight difference in the perfume is due to the presence of natural fragrances and does not jeopardise quality of the product

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